In conjunction with the Box Hill Community Arts Centre’s Plan:

The Box Hill Community Arts Centre is dedicated to offering a safe and enriching environment for all participants and visitors to experience and share the arts. We endeavour to create an environment that is: safe, inclusive, conducive to learning and free from harassment and bullying.

Important COVID-19 Information:

The Box Hill Community Art Centre has a COVID safe plan in place.

In line with Government and Health Ministry advice, there have been modifications made with a total focus on the health and safety of our students, staff, hirers, tutors and visitors.

  • Stay at home if you are sick.
  • If you are confirmed with the Covid-19 virus or waiting on the results of a test, please stay at home and do not attend the class or the centre.
  • If you are confirmed of having Covid-19 and have attended the centre within 2 weeks prior, please notify the office of BHCAC.
  • If you require further information regarding State and Federal guidelines regarding Covid-19, please go to for further information.

When returning to the centre (as a visitor, participant or hirer) you will notice several changes. We ask that you abide by the following when attending the centre:

  • Masks must be worn at all times unless you are under 12 years of age or have a valid exemption.
  • Entry to the building is only via the front Station Street door.
  • Exit from the building is only via the side Combarton Street door.
  • Upon entering the building – you must sanitize your hands at the hand sanitizing station located on the wall to your right.
  • If you are staying for longer than 15 minutes your details must be collected for the purpose of contract tracing in the event of a suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) case at the centre. Please scan the QR code using your smart phone, or fill out the visitor register.
  •  Hirers are required to record all details of those who attend the hall for each of their sessions. Attendance records must be kept for at least 60 days as they will need to be supplied to council in the event of a person with Covid-19 has attended one of our halls.
  • Please ensure you are always social distancing when entering, exiting and moving through the centre.
  • No sharing of equipment during class is permitted.
  • Cleaning stations and hand sanitiser stations have been set up at each location for groups to use during each visit. Sanitiser, latex gloves and clean cloths are located in all rooms.
  • There are signs at the entrance of rooms stating maximum room capacity. Please abide by this regulation.

We appreciate your assistance in keeping BHCAC a creative and safe place to visit.

Eastern Suburbs Scale Modelling Club fully supports the above measures implemented by BHCAC, and include the following measures to ensure safe operation of our Swap & Sell Meet in March:

  • Maximum of 30 Tables across Arbour Room & Kitchen/Lounge – Pre-bookings only.
  • Maximum of 1 vendor per single-table, or 2 vendors per multi-table booking.
  • ESSMC will keep a list of Vendors and Customers in attendance.
  • ESSMC will supply additional Hand Sanitiser amongst these 30 tables.
  • Vendors should ask customers to hand-sanitise before handling boxes/items.
  • ESSMC will NOT be selling sausages at the Swap Meet.
  • ESSMC will provide Capacity Marshalls to ensure rooms are not over-crowded.
  • ESSMC will monitor general crowd density and ask customers to maintain social distancing.