ESSMC Website & Meeting Update – 18Feb2023

I hope everyone will agree that we’ve successfully launched into 2023.

Starting with Pizza & Plastic on the 21st January, where we saw record attendance. At this rate Frank is gonna need a bigger garage!! 23 happy modellers in attendance – Look for a thorough review in the upcoming SeamLines.

And on the 7th Feb, we held our AGM & Feb Meeting, with 27 in attendance. (Including our Hero, Harry Edmond!)

The “Don Forbes Memorial Clubman of 2022”, Isaac Kong, was presented with his certificate & goodies.
The inaugural “Bob Williams Memorial Modeller of 2022”, Nik Gordic, was presented with his certificate & goodies.

Then to the AGM business, where the committee from 2022 (with the exception of Ken Noble) was voted back in for another term. There were no new requests to join the committee, and everything was carried unanimously – so a big thank you for your vote of confidence. The minutes for the AGM have been distributed and are now available online for members.

Then to the stars of the show, The Models! TWENTY-ONE completed models were photographed in the “Light Tent”, with another 10 or so being displayed to all, including models from 2 visitors, Allan Young and Javier Lach, who have since become club members. Welcome to the ESSMC!!!

Keep watching the Events, with another Coffee Cake & Kits being scheduled for April 1st, and you’d be a fool to miss that one!!

Roger Trewenack (ESSMC Secretary)

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