ESSMC Website & Club Update – 20Jul2022

Hi Folks,

We hope you all enjoyed the presentation from Bob Stevens on the 5th July.

Bob is available to elaborate further on some of the topics he touched on during his “introductory” presentation, so we may be calling on him again, after more feedback from you.

Rest assured that we will be ensuring that the digital projector & screen, and maybe a microphone & speaker, will be used next time.

I can certainly say the Stephen Bromfield & I are sorry that we missed it……next time?????

Thanks also to Peter Daniels and Michael Howe who managed to take all the necessary photos of your July models, plus our prize winners from Expo 2022. (Congrats to them too!!)

For the club, Expo 2022 continues to be a source of new members, general interest, and leads to new collections of kits to buy, even if the Expo committee ruled against us having a physical presence behind our club table.

And thanks also to all of you who contributed to models for the club table this year – I’m sorry that we had to turn-away some of your contributions this year.

Next year WILL BE Better!!!

Your website now contains all the above models from July & Expo!

We also hope that you enjoyed the June content, commemorating Bob Williams’ contribution to our club, and showing you all the prize winners at Expo this year.

It was a bigger show this year, but not the tsunami that the Expo committee feared, with an increase in entries from ~750 for 2019, to ~902 for 2022.

Coming up for some of you, is the club sponsored event to see “Top Gun: Maverick” at Knox Gold Class this Saturday the 23rd July,

then our next Club Meeting on Tuesday the 2nd August, followed in August with our 2nd Pizza & Plastic at Frank’s Modelsome Garage!

The “P&P” event will also feature the opportunity for members to buy some of the 336 kits that we obtained as part of the “Werribee Collection”,
being the deceased estate of Robert James. We are still in the process of pricing these, and many of the kits contain extra details.

There’s a very wide range, excluding automotive. Have a look at Scalemates for the catalogue, minus the pricing – HERE

That’s all for now – Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


ESSMC Secretary

Roger Trewenack       !;^)}

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