ESSMC Website & Club Update – 09 Feb 2022

A Bit of a delay since my last post – sorry ’bout that!!

Well, we’ve had Plastic & Pizza on Jan 22nd, Our FIRST general club meeting for 2022, which incorporated our AGM for 2022. Here’s a quick rundown of those events:

Plastic & Pizza had 16 in attendance, with everyone busily working away on their projects. We were duly rewarded with scones & jam & cream for morning tea, and then a host of pizzas for lunch. Everyone stayed until around 2pm, and then started drifting away to attend other commitments & such. A very enjoyable modelling day!!
Thanks to Frank & Grace for their hospitality.

General Club Meeting on 1st Feb
26 Attended – 22 completed models on display

AGM – 2022
New Positions Are: (AGM Minutes can be seen here.)

PresidentStephen Bromfield
TreasurerFrank Spinosa
SecretaryRoger Trewenack (including WebAdmin position)
General CommitteePeter Daniels (including SeamLines Editor position)
Ken Noble (including Raffle Manager position)
Harry Edmonds, Pat McCumiskey, & Stephen Chester

Other news:

We are investigating the possibility of an EFT facility within this website, and in the meantime have provided ESSMC banking details. – Here

Also many more articles pointers added to Woger’s Weferwence below:

20222Airfix Model WorldAirfix~A02109 Hawker Tempest Mk V-7272Airfix
20222Airfix Model WorldAirfix~A02341 Sherman Firefly VC-7272Airfix
20222Airfix Model WorldDoraWings~DW48019 Marcel Bloch MB152 Late-4848DoraWings
20222Airfix Model WorldFisherModel+Pattern~GA2401 Bugatti 100P Record Plane-2424FisherModel+Pattern
20222Airfix Model WorldHongKongModels~01F005 Avro Lancaster B Mk I-48#Large48HongKongModels
20222Airfix Model WorldINFO~Hawker TempestINFO
20222Airfix Model WorldRevell~03851 Hawker Tempest Mk V-32#Large32Revell
20222Airfix Model WorldThe Mandalorian Supplement~Combo: ST-70 & Tie Outlander-72#Large72The Mandalorian Supplement
20222Airfix Model WorldTrumpeter~01039 Russian KZKT-7428 Transport & Trailer-3535Trumpeter
20222Meng Air ModellerAirfix~Messerschmitt Bf 109-Part3-24#Large24Airfix
20222Meng Air ModellerArmourScale~Messerschmitt Bf109 G6 Diorama-35#Large35ArmourScale
20222Meng Air ModellerAzur~Industria Aeronautica Romana 80_81-3232Azur
20222Meng Air ModellerKittyHawk~Dassault Mirage 2000-32#Large32KittyHawk
20222Meng Air ModellerRevell~Messerschmitt Me 262B-1_U4-32#Large32Revell
20222Meng Air ModellerScratchbuilt~Fokker Spider (First Fokker)-4646Scratchbuilt
20222Model Airplane InternationalEduard~11155 Mitsubishi Zero Tora Tora Tora Combo_PART 1-48#Large48Eduard
20222Model Airplane InternationalEduard~82101 NA P-51D-5 Mustang Profipack-4848Eduard
20222Model Airplane InternationalINFO~Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Type 21 Close-upupINFO
20222Model Airplane InternationalMKModels~PZL P8_1-72#Large72MKModels
20222Model Airplane InternationalTamiya~60320 Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII Down Under-32#Large32Tamiya
20222Model Airplane InternationalTamiya~61034 Grumman Wildcat-48#Large48Tamiya
20223Airfix Model WorldAirfix~A4051A Sea Harrier FRS-1-7272Airfix
20223Airfix Model WorldBandai~01208 Star Wars B-Wing Starfighter-7272Bandai
20223Airfix Model WorldBlackCatModels~350009a Flower Class Corvette HMS Begonia-350#Large35BlackCatModels
20223Airfix Model WorldBorderModels~Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6-35#Large35BorderModels
20223Airfix Model WorldHobby2000~(HAS)72004 Bristol Beaufighter VIC_VIF-7272Hobby2000
20223Airfix Model WorldKinetic~K48078 IA-58 A_D Pucara-4848Kinetic
20223Airfix Model WorldRevell~03909 NA OV-10 Bronco-7272Revell
20223Airfix Model WorldRubiconModels~280105 Aussie AEC Centurion Mk 5-5656RubiconModels
20223Airfix Model WorldRyeFieldModel~5030 T-34_D-30 122mm Syrian S-P Howitzer-3535RyeFieldModel

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