ESSMC Club & Website Update – 3rd Feb 2024

OK folks, so we’ve all had a month off, including the web-site, the committee, and especially our esteemed, constrained, constricted & curtailed Treasurer, Frank!

So let’s get this show on the road again…..

Be sure to com along to the Feb meeting, which is also our AGM, where you get a chance to sack that slack committee that you’ve had for the last few years…

Let’s start with some major acquisitions that are now being made available through Members’ Market….. Conspicuous by its absence, we have 7 fresh listings to tempt you with. You’ll need to go there to have a look………….oh, alright, these have been added:

Updated ESSMC MAIN (Warrandyte) List
Updated ESSMC 2nd (SwapMeet FTG) List
New ESSMC Additional List (Gathered from Canterbury & Caulfield) – lots of variety
New ESSMC Additional List (Gathered from Warburton) – Juicy stuff in there
New Private List from President Stephen Bromfield
New Private AWOL List from the ADF Deserter & your Secretary Roger Trewenack
New Private List from your Secretary, again…

Links will be provided in the email to members, shortly…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!…… and see you on Tuesday!!

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