ESSMC Club & Website Update 29Aug2023

Hi everyone,

The touring gang is freshly back from Cairns, seeing AUSARMOURFEST 2023.

What a show – so many tanks & other vehicles running around the figure-8 track. We saw Frank & his son (Anthony) aboard a T-72 that the driver had no hesitation in throwing through the corners. The T-72 noise-level was only just beaten by a Gepard monster.

Other vehicles on the Saturday: Zundapp Sidecar, Schwimmwagen, Fox Scout Car, Sherman, Tiger, M113, Swedish Chappie, and many more.

From my perspective, we over-indulged in the good food that Cairns had to offer, the weather was kind to us, mainly in the mid-20’s, with occasional showers. The range of Armour & Artillery on display is incredible, they’ll need to expand their premises soon.

Attendees from ESSMC were: Frank Spinosa, Jamie McDonald, Geoff Morris & myself.

ON THE WEBSITE: You can now see the August edition of SeamLines, in the Members Menu.

Only a week until our September meeting – We’ll catch up there!!!

Roger Trewenack (ESSMC Web-ster)

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