ESSMC Club, Website & Harry Edmond Update – 16Dec2022

A quick bit of club news – SeamLines for December 2022 is also available online, HERE

Next club event will be Pizza & Plastic – January 21st 2023 – at Frank’s Modelsome Garage, 315 Tindals Rd, Warrandyte

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  • I went to the Alfred Hospital yesterday and visited with Harry Edmond.
  • I am very pleased to say that we both (Harry & I) enjoyed this visit immensely.
  • Just a touch of that pesky “Burns Delirium” to start with, but Harry had been dozing in his chair when I arrived, so we’ll put it down to that.
  • Harry was very pleased to hear that I will be updating all ESSMC club members as to his greatly improved state of health, and we launched into a bit of a read…
  • ……
  • Next thing we knew, I’d been there for over 90 minutes, we’d had a great time.

Enough of the fun, some facts & stats…

  • Harry has both hands still in gloves up to the fore-arms. What I could see of his fingertips look really good. He was keen to shake my hand on arrival & departure.
  • He will have to undergo further operations for quite some time to help him cope with the scarring from his burns & grafts.
  • At the moment he is having severe burns to his stomach treated daily – dressing changed yesterday & today (After I left – not some thing I wanted to see!)
  • He is expected to be moved from The Alfred, to a rehab facility in Caulfield or thereabouts, NEXT WEEK where he will no doubt see out the rest of 2022, and then some.
  • His demeanour is greatly improved from when I saw him only a week ago.  Some nurses are referring to him as “Superman”, for good reason.
  • He is currently feeling no pain, but was given some painkillers whilst I was there, to cover today’s dressing change.

He knows full-well where he is, why he is there, and that he’s got a long road ahead of him.

Visiting at the Alfred is very restrictive, not to mention bloody inconvenient, but I’m hoping that the situation at the rehab facility will improve that, so that more of his friends will be able to visit him. I’m sure he will love that.

For the time being, all your thoughts, love and prayers will keep him improving steadily, and in turn, help Denise through these tough times.

This improvement is still a day by day thing – Perhaps he’ll be able to join us at the February club meeting???

I will continue to keep you posted weekly, or thereabouts.

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