E.S.S.M.C. UPDATE – 8th Jan 2023

Let’s get this new year started, Eh??

First up, we have PIZZA & PLASTIC on Saturday Jan 21st – That’s less than 2 weeks away – and we need to know who’s gonna be there – ie. how many scones will Grace be baking?? – and of course, numbers of chairs, tables, and…..did I say PIZZAs?!?!?

Just in case you can’t remember if you’ve registered, you can check HERE

Hope to see many of your there, with your pet project too!

Not too long after that, we will have our return to Box Hill –
February Club Meeting & AGM – yes you can submit your name for a role in the club?

That’s on Feb the 7th, from 7:00pm set-up.

All the best until then….

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