Arado Ar (E) 555 Amerikabomber

  • Model: Arado Ar (E) 555 Amerikabomber
  • Modeller’s Name: Roger Trewenack
  • Scale: 1/72
  • Debut: 09/2020 – Completed August 2021
  • Brand: Revell #04367
  • Modelling Time: Time is Irrelevant!
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Model Description

Started this project 7 years ago, showing that I’m obviously taken with flying wings.
Having spent an amount of time on the detail work of the cockpit, I then thought “Heck, no-one will ever see this. It needs LIGHT”

Well that started off an adventure with sourcing LEDs and even more delicate Fibre Optics. Some months later after I had the necessary gear, it all got too hard & work got in the way, and this project spent far too long on that “shelf of doom”.
Then Lockdown came along, and my interest re-kindled…….now it’s ready to start painting (Sep2020) with all the electronics managing to fit inside that big wing, as I imagined many years ago. Bit of a squeeze, but a test fit with rubber bands proved it’ll work…..

Tip: Just make sure you keep your soldering iron away from the plastic……I didn’t, but I think I’ll get away with it!!

When joining the upper & lower wing, there’s a seam running around the whole aircraft. This would defeat conventional methods of applying glue, and then placing the 2 halves together, especially with the added difficulty of tucking in all that wiring.
So I drew on a tip I had seen in the Scale Modeller Supplies Facebook post – I believe it’s called “dry gluing” or similar. It involves clamping the two parts together without glue, then adjusting them to make the best match and minimise overlap. Once this is in place, use a really thin glue (I used SMS’s CMT01) and brush it fairly liberally along the seam, all the way around the join. I had to be very careful with this, as I knew it would destroy any Fibre Optic it came into contact with. Capillary action, together with the welding properties of the glue, then got to work and provided a solid join. Subsequent sanding reveals a barely perceptible seam. See photos. And absolute Winner!!  Thanks SMS


The Arado Ar 555 Tale: = See the Plaque above


Modeller Info

Roger Trewenack