Tiger I Ausf.E

  • Model:  Tiger I Ausf.E
  • Modeller’s Name: Paul Kruger
  • Scale: 1/353
  • Debut: 2016/11
  • Brand: Tamiya #3556
  • Build Time: ? Hours

Model Description



The Tamiya 1:35 Tiger I Ausf E (Kit No: 3556) here built left the Tamiya factory at Shizouka-City, Japan, between 1972-1975. This Tiger I was originally released as a newly tooled kit in 1969 (Kit No: MM-156), was reboxed in 1972 (Kit No: 3556) and again reboxed with updated parts in 1975 (Kit No: 35056). This tooling was used until 1989 when a new Tiger I (Kit No: 35146) was released.


The markings for this tank represent that of Maho Nishizumi, who is the Commander of Kuromorimine Womens Academy Senshado (tankery) Team in the anime Girls Und Panzer which originally aired 9/10/2012-25/3/2013. Turret #212 is a reference to Michael Wittmann and hence Maho’s prowess in tankery. Kuromorimine Academy is a Prussian themed school located at Kumamoto City, Kyushu.



In 1937 design work began at Henschel und Sohn, Kassel, Germany, for a tank that would eventually evolve into the Tiger tank. This was to be a 30-33 ton tank to replace the PzKpfw IV which was just entering service. By 1940 this was developed into the VK.3001(H) and as this tank was the true ancestor of the Tiger, it was known as the Tiger Cub. Within a couple of years the prototype VK.4501(H) was ordered into production with the service designation of PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf E, SdKfz 181. Total production of all Tiger Ausf E vehicles was 1,354 and these were delivered between July, 1942 and August, 1944. Of all World War 2 tanks, there are possibly only two that reached the level of public familiarity given to the likes of the Spitfire, Mustang, etc, and these were the American Sherman and the German Tiger.

Thanks Paul!…RjT



Modeller Name

Paul Kruger