Russian T-72 Tank

  • Model: Russian T-72 Tank
  • Modeller’s Name: Roger Trewenack
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Debut: 2019/02
  • Brand: Miniature Hobby Models #80112
  • Build Time: Too Bloody Long!
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Model Description


My first 1:35 tank.
Panel fit was average – kit engineering was all over the place – had to shorten drive axle and modify mounts to bring drive wheels into line with everything else.
Fixed barrel angle meant that the turret won’t rotate past the auxilliary fuel tanks.
Mine roller must have been included as an after-thought, as the mounts were pathetic, indeed, there was no space left on the front of the tank for the mounts to fit, even after severe trimming…….
so I decided to ditch the mine roller…
or did it hit a mine??

No decals, as I seem to have lost them in the 2 years it took me to complete this tank.
Modified commander’s cupola to make it rotate. All hatches closed as no interior.

Now on display at the ESSMC cabinet at Boronia “Models & Hobbies 4 U”

Lots of scuffing, scratching, washing & penciling to make it look “used”.


Modeller Info

Roger Trewenack