Australian Matilda Close Support Tank

  • Model:  Australian Matilda Close Support Tank
  • Modeller’s Name: Steve Downing
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Debut: 2023/08
  • Brand: Tamiya # 35300
    Firestorm: Australian Matilda Conversion
    Fruilmodel: Metal Matilda Tracks
    Star Model: Decals
  • Build Time: 6 months (on and off)
  • Internet Link

Model Description


Very good kit, although I’ve since learned Tamiya’s “Red Army” version
(35355) would be more accurate for an Australian conversion. I did find
at least one reference with this version however, so all is not lost! Binged Night Shift videos after Model Expo and and tried to replicate some of his techniques in this build.


Modeller Name

Steve Downing