Vought F4U-4E Corsair (What-if?)

  • Model:  Vought F4U-4E Corsair (What-if?)
  • Modeller’s Name: Modeller
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Debut: 2022/04
  • Brand: IDEA # 19-02 – (crap South Korean from the ’80’s)
  • Build Time: NFI Hours
  • Internet Link

Model Description


Essex class aircraft carrier USS P.Kruger (CV-23). final invasion of Japan, 12th March 1947.

After the delay (due to failure during testing) of the atomic bomb, war with Japan continued into 1946.

In June of that year, the latest model of the Corsair, with a new ‘bubble top’ canopy, entered service with the USN.

To expedite production, Vought simply adapted the existing P-47 Thunderbolt canopy.


Modeller Info

Jamie McDonald