MetalEarth Space Shuttle Launch

  • Model:  MetalEarth Space Shuttle Launch
  • Modeller’s Name: Roger Trewenack
  • Scale: 1/342
  • Debut: 2021/10
  • Brand: MetalEarth # ICX227
  • Build Time: 15 Hours
  • Internet Link

Model Description


One of the “New Breed” of MetalEarth kits – prepainted in good detail.

Whilst not rated as their most complex kit, it’s certainly not one for beginners.
I reckon most 14 year-old’s would tire of the detailed work, and many modellers would tire of the small scale.
Given that scale (1:342) it builds up to be a pretty good representation of the subject, and it doesn’t take up much shelf space.

I enjoyed it, including the complexity & small scale – a good challenge! (but you need to be well tooled-up!)

If you want to see the build log, go to Scalemates: RT Space Shuttle


Modeller Info

Roger Trewenack