MetalEarth Apollo CSM & LM

  • Model:  MetalEarth Apollo CSM & LM
  • Modeller’s Name: Roger Trewenack
  • Scale: 1/nil
  • Debut: 2021/08
  • Brand: Fascination/MetalEarth # MMS168
  • Build Time: 15+ Hours
  • Internet Link

Model Description


Continuing my space theme with MetalEarth

Wow, the addition of a 4th fret in Gold really lifts this kit! (when compared to my original silver LM.)
Some very difficult assembly required, where I did eventually reverse some steps, so that they’d work for me.
More superglue here & there to reinforce key joins.

See my build review on

Very impressed with this – now on display at Models & Hobbies 4 U in Boronia, Vic.

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Album: Building it:

Modeller Name

Roger Trewenack