MetalEarth DMC DeLorean

  • Model:  MetalEarth DMC DeLorean
  • Scale: 1/nah! (1:45 ish)
  • Debut: 2021/06
  • Brand: MetalEarth # MMS181
  • Build Time: 15 Hours
  • Internet Link

Model Description


3 sheet to make this.  Rated as moderate difficulty!  a little harder than that!!

Used the Hidden Tab/Eye method in much of the construction – not entirely the method described in the instructions.

Very frustrating in places where parts are fastened to the outer finish, where you would then have an exposed tab!!

Decided to conceal things a bit better & super-glued these parts & cut off the tab!!

The exterior “Brushed Stainless Steel” finish is actually very soft, so shows every blemish and pressure mark!!!

Hard work! – Decided to leave the doors as removeable, as it would be too hard to transport, etc.

Looks OK!!


Modeller Info

Roger Trewenack