H.M.A.S. Melbourne Aircraft Carrier – Circa 1981

  • Model:  H.M.A.S. Melbourne Aircraft Carrier – Circa 1981
  • Modeller’s Name: Sean Carter
  • Scale: 1/400
  • Debut: 2021/04
  • Brand: Heller #81090
  • Build Time: ?? Hours (no log kept!)
  • Internet Link

Model Description


28/04/2021: Please find attached some pics of my Melbourne build for you to post on the website if you so choose. She’s coming along well and there isn’t too much more to do. A few aerials and the props and rudder and some weathering of the hull left to do. The air wing have been started but I may not be able to finish them completely as it seems there is no one in the world that does RAN Fleet Air Arm markings in 1:400 or 1:350 scale. I have been in touch with Ronin Graphics in NSW and they are willing – but it is way down their list of priorities…

01/05/2021: I’ve had some luck with the decals. I found a supplier in the US who has helped with the RAN roundels, but the squadron markings I may have to try and print up myself on decal paper. I am finishing her as she was in 1981 just prior to being decommissioned. That was the year she came to Melbourne and I toured her. I used one of the old Heller Arromanches / Colossus 1/400 scale kits from EBay as the base – but there have been a lot of mods. The angled deck is completely scratch built from styrene. The kit bridge was used as a base but was extensively modified with lots of styrene and bits of White Ensign PE. The hull has PE hatches stairs and railings from White Ensign, 3D printed parts from Shapeways, single mount Bofors from Black Cat, twin mount Bofors from North Star, and decals from Starfighter Decals in the US. The deck equipment and Sea King helicopters from Trumpeter, and the resin Skyhawks and Trackers are from L’Arsenal.

The list is endless !

17/08/2021: Hi Roger
I hope you and all the guys are well down there
I have heard about the latest lockdown and how things have turned to shit in NSW
I suppose the only positive is that there’s lots of time to do modelling
After seven months part time work I’ve finally finished my Melbourne build and I’ve attached a few pics that you can throw up on the website next month
There all taken on my phone so it’s hard to get the fine detail and a good focal length
I’ll send a few more emails and you can choose the best pics



Modeller Info

Sean Carter