Friends of N.V.V.M

ESSMC has obtained a “Friends of National Vietnam Veterans Museum” (NVVM) card which may be borrowed by financial ESSMC Members.

By default the card will be kept by the club secretary.

By arrangement the card may be borrowed from the club secretary at a regular club meeting, and returned to the club secretary at the next meeting.

Alternatively, also by arrangement, the card may be borrowed directly from the club secretary, and returned to the club secretary, either directly, or at the next club meeting.

There will be no penalties for “late return” of the card, however, the borrowing member should make every reasonable effort to return the card as soon as possible, to allow other members to then borrow the card without delay.

The club secretary will maintain a record of when the card is borrowed and returned, and by whom. Details of the benefits of the card are available in the attached letter from NVVM.

LETTER FROM NVVM – Expires 30-06-2025