.: Water Colour Weathering

Here's an easy tip for weathering that actually allows for mistakes.

What needs to be done first!

Your model requires its decals to be fitted and sealed with a coat of clear gloss, this allows the water colour to be wiped and even washed away if you make a mistake. If your model hasn't been covered in a coat of clear gloss, the wash will stain and the effect just won't look correct. so please make certain you are ready.

What you need:

  1. Water colours : Burnt Sienna - Burnt Umber - Black
  2. Container for mixing
  3. A Wide soft bristle brush
  4. Dishwashing liquid
  5. Cotton wool buds or Cotton makeup removal pads
  6. Tack Rag

1. Simply mix a wash of water colour that suits your needs. Since I am building a few RAAF Beaufighters I wish for a redish dusty appearance. The colour I have chosen is the " Burnt Sienna". I always mix a ratio that looks a little stronger than muddy dam water. However, if you feel it's too strong just add more water, or more colour if it's too weak. Make certain you add a few drops or more of diswashing liquid. This breaks the surface tension and allows for easy coverage.

2. With your model covered in its clear gloss as pictured below, you can start the coverage.  

3. Using a wide soft bristle brush apply generous amounts of colour all over. Allowing time to dry before adding extra coats for an extreme weathered finish. In this case I am only going to use the one coat.

4. With the model completely dry, you can see how the wash has already started to give that realistic weathered affect to the paint. And the best part is, if it looks too light just add another coat, or if it's just too heavy you can wash it off with water and start again.

5. As you can see below I am wiping away excess colour with a cotton bud. I use the buds for the more intricate details. Don't for get to leave a build up around the panel lines especially the corners that the lines meet.

6. Use cotton makeup removal pads or the like for the larger areas. If you wipe off too much "don't panic", just give the area another coat of colour and start again. Or perhaps if you are having trouble removing colour you can use a barely damp Bud or Pad.

7. Ok, if you think your model looks a little too dirty. Again don't panic as when applying your final coat of clear matt, everything will blend and tone down to a lovely realistic weathered finish...











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