.: Waverly Interclub Challenge - 22 Sept 2013

Sorry for the small number of photos, folks, they were taken early in the day, any many more models arrived.

There were some bargains to be had at the small Swap'n'sell.
Frank bought some for the club.......
Frank's bootie..........in my BOOT

Bob Williams brought along something old (no, not just himself!!) & something new...

The delightful dromedary

and his Re-Creation of Panzer Commander Michael Wittmann, posing for his gunner

We also had fun with the Build-Race - working away in the dark like termites, until Frank arrived and sorted out the lights!!

Thanks, Frank. You were very "enlightening"! at least I think that's what they were cheering.... might have been "frightening".

From this point on Kenny started putting the suspension together properley, Roger frustrated Peter with his slow painting skills, Bob was cursing the sprues & sanding the parts (or was that the other way around?) ....
and Peter just kept on painting....and painting......."How Many Wheel on this damned thing?"

Frank was recruited to dry stuff using Peter's supplied hair-dryer - which was quite ironic given the amount of hair on Frank's head! This irony was not lost on Frank!

Andrew & Tim circled like waiting vultures......Rob was still setting up his stand! Simon & Roger got roped in as Judges, and still couldn't rig the results.

The quick build was a race to build Tamiya's 1/48th Sherman Firefly in around 2 1/2 hours.

Here's the Box-art:

and here's our result: (click on each image for a closer look...)

and there was also a Raffle!!

Kenny won the First Prize - declaring loudly for all to hear "Well at least we won something!)

It consisted of a 1/32 Jaguar, or Typhoon, or some other new fangled jet or so......with about an extra $150 worth of Resin this & that. Ken was very impressed, being the Armour-Man he is........ so watch out for a 1/32 jet & bits!!

to cap that off, Roger Trewenack won the 2nd raffle prize - Cam Care's freshly released book - "The Stang!"
and Cam happened to be on site in the Red-Roo stand, getting the book signed & credited!!


All this booty will be on display at the ESSMC's October meeting.







1. Build an "Out Of The Box" 1:20th Tamiya Ferrari F310B

Roger Trewenack took up the challenge (on the turntable)

2. Build an "Out of the Box" 1:48th Tamiya F/A-18

Tim Brimelow took up the challenge

(see more photos in our October update....)

Harry Edmond brought along his New MENG D9R Military Dozer

(This will be photographed in more detail in our October update.....)

Harry also brought his British, to add to the general display

Tim Hales brought along his beaut blue ute!

Andrew Liu contributed with a couple of aircraft

(The left-most two...)

Other shots: a couple of rival F/A-18's

The chequered table cloth hid models very well.....I think!

Included in this lot is Roger Trewenack's Tyrrell P34 Six-Wheeler.

The above yellow Tow-Truck was fantastic, by the way!

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