.: Trip to the Vietnam Veterans Museum, Phillip Island - 7th Aug 2011
Plus a look at the Len Lukey Museum (Phillip Island Race Circuit)

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Almost the first aircraft you see if the trusty Sioux
and you can walk all around it
and right next door is the Apache

looking quite sinister

ever seeing... well armed
and we even had the port doors opened for us
and there's more aircraft "out the back"
in various states of decay or restoration
More of the Wessex...
some photos through the windows..
on tip-toes, into the cockpit
and aiming a bit lower...
and some of the Wessex engine detail..
just in case you're in need of detail..
and on the other side...
...but what's that?....
here's a hint......it's capital!
  This should give it away.......................but there's quite a bit or work to do!
and for the Land-lubbers......a truck
a Centurion
another truck
Centurion arse a coupla motors Centurion again..

Of course, there was also a wide selection of models (that thing we do) supporting the Vietnam Vets

Click on each image for a closer look
someof these display cabinets make photography difficult I'm afraid... and some parting shots...

as we headed to the RSL for lunch..

It was well worth the visit!!

Plus there is so much stuff around the walls to see and videos & other informative display.

They have plans to expand, hoping to house the Wessex and Canberra!

So after lunch we visited the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit, and in particular the Len Lukey Racing Museum.

Click on each image for a closer look
Quite a contract to the Vietnam Vets Museum and there's no doubt about the better value for money.......

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