.: TRIP to Adelaide, October 12th & 13th, 2013 - SA Model Expo!

Now, there's many ways to get to Adelaide, so I guess it was only fair that we try a few:

Frank, Bob & Peter travelled there in Frank's Camry, or was it an Aurion..... It was a Toyota!!

Roger Stone & Glenn travelled there by air, on the preceding Friday.

Andrew Riddle flew there by air (JetStar) on an early Saturday morning flight.

Roger T, Ken & Pat flew there by Virgin on a slightly later early Saturday morning flight.

Anyway, it all came together nicely with Roger T hiring a Kia Carnival, collecting Andrew at the airport, and meeting the early travellers at the SA Model Expo - thanks to a combination of Ken's "Blue Dot" & Roger T's GPS.

As you've read in Seamlines, Ken has written a trip review, so the following commentary will be grammatically brief, but pictorially splendid! Scroll on........

The SA Modellers Expo was still receiving entries, so there was still plenty of space when we met there on Saturday morning.

And that's a pretty quick walkaround of the SA Model Expo!!!

THEN, We went on to the GUN SHOW - I took no photos - it was a very Bogan affair at the Dog Racing venue..

THEN we went on to the SA Aviation Museum....... Follow this Link...

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