.: Puckapunyal Outing - 2014

It was a lovely day for a drive, as we all completed our "pincer" movement on Puckapunyal.............alas, the final synchronisation left a bit to be desired.
Whilst the Puckapunyal Tank Museum predominantly features Tanks used by Australian Forces, there are a number of foreign Tanks on display too.
Some of these were "acquired" during the course of battle, and others were "swapped" or "gifted" by allied forces.

I've tried to include some information (photos of information boards), some of which is barely readable, sorry - but if you want to know any more - you'll just have to go to Pucka!!

Greeted by a WW I "Male" Tank.

And there's always a Centurion nearby
and an M113, in one guise or other.. plus a Saracen

A quick tour INSIDE....

(There's also a model & memorabilia shop, and the prices were "reasonable".)

Other modellers had been here before us..
An ageing photo of Australia's FIRST Armoured division

That's enough!

Outside we go...brrrr!

This will Test my memory, but I'm sure someone will correct me...please feel free to do so!...RjT

And I'll try to keep these tanks in rough chronological order..... !;^)}

1. A Vickers Heavy Tank, from the photo above

The Chassis of the Vickers Heavy Tank

Note all the linkages

2. The Vickers Light Tank, also in that FIRST photo

and rear view, Vickers Light Tank

and Driver's compartment
3. Ferret Scout Car
4. Another Scout Car ???
5. The Saracen Armoured Car
Inside the rear of the Saracen

6. A Curchill Tank??

(THE SECRET TANK!) 7. Centurion-mounted bridge-layer
8. A Cadillac engine that Garry was looking for...
9. The Australian designed & built Sentinel Cruiser Tank

Note the "dick" gun armour.

10. "Bren-Gun" Carrier

11. Dingo Scout Car
12. Cromwell Cruiser Tank

13. Rover Light Armoured Car
14. A Gun (?) & a Sherman
15. just the Sherman

The Matilda Tank Display.

The Puckapunyal Tank Museum boasts the largest collection of Matilda Tanks in the world!
Matilda diagrams
14. Matilda Mk II
15.Matilda ?
16. Matilda Close Support Tank
17. Matilda Dozer Tank

18. Matilda Hedehog

19. Matilda & Commemorative Plaque

20. Lee Tank

21. Grant Tank

22. Dozer Grant (seen better on RHS of prev. photo.)

23. Yeramba (Grant deritive)
24. M3 Grant
Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle
This could be used to push or pull other stranded vehicles, whilst in the water up to the height of the skirting.

25. 7-cylinder Radial Engine, used to power a tank
26. A pair of conventional in-line engines mated to a single transmission, making a tank power plant
27. M3-A1 Half-track

nice nuts!

and another one...

28. Pat, meet Sherman!!........................ They're old friends, actually!
29. Staghound

30. Chaffee M24 Light Tank
31. Walker Bulldog M41A1 Light Tank
32. A ? recovery Vehicle, and another Centurion
33. Jamie & Another M113
Inside the back of the M113
More M113 shots
Hello..............it's not signed, AR?

35. A Staghound
36. A Saladin
37. A Landrover (He says confidently!!)
38. IKV-91 - Tank Destroyer
secret tanks destroyed by the tank destroyer



39. More Centurion-based vehicles
Garry likes that barrel!!

Tank Driver Training Vehicle on Left

Audience Seating in Training Vehicle

40. BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

42. Type YW 531 - Armoured Personnel Carrier

43. Type 59 Main Battle Tank

44. T-72M Main Battle Tank

45. Type 69 II Command Tank Type B

46. Type YW 701A Command Post Vehicle

and inside it.

47. Another APC ??

48. OT 62 - Armoured Personnel Carrier
Inside the OT 62 - from the back

from the side

49. a partially obscured Leopard

These dummies seemed surprisingly effective!!

they were everywhere!
50. LAV 25 - Light Armoured Vehicle

A pair of M113's.....(mating like insects?)

51. LVT (4) Buffalo
Here are 2 photos of a stripped out M113 that was the victim of a Landmine attack, with fatalities as a result.
I'm sorry I dont recall the details, but will complete when I do.........RjT
As we marvel at all this machinery, it acts as a salient reminder that there is no fun in War!

52. The "S" Tank

All the gun elevation adjustments are controlled by the chassis of this tank - lowering or raising the front of the suspension to provide the correct angle. The gun is fixed to the chassis.

The Australian Leopard Tank

In 1974, the Australian government confirmed the purchase of the Leopard, with a total of 101 vehicles being acquired (consisting of 90 MBTs, five Bridgelayers and six Armoured Recovery Vehicles). Two more ARVs were purchased later. The first Leopards subsequently arrived in Australia from Germany in 1976, ending a selection and trial process (against the US M60[6] series) that started in 1971 when the army decided it needed a replacement for its British Centurions, which had served since 1952.
In March 2004, the decision was made to replace the Leopard 1 with reconditioned US M1A1 Abrams AIM.[7] The first 18 of 59 M1A1 Abrams arrived in September 2006. The M88A2 Hercules is concurrently replacing the Leopard family of support variants in Australian service. The Leopard 1 was operated by the 1st Armoured Regiment and was officially withdrawn from service in July 2007. Their guns were never fired in combat operations.

The Puckapunyal Tank Museum has just (April-May 2014) taken delivery of a number of Leopard Tanks, representing every configuration in which they were used by the ADF. Whilst they are not formally on display, we were able to get a special tour of these tanks!

A Big "Thank You" to the Puckapunyal Tank Museum!!

Ploughing attachments on a Leopard.

Leopard Service Vehicle with a complete Power Plant mounted on the rear deck, which can be serviced & tested in situe.

Mine Roller attached to a Leopard.

Inside the Service Vehicle

Driver Training Vehicle, where the turret has been replaced by another structure with the same weight charactieristics, so as to provide realistic training conditions.

Recovery Vehicle

Then, off to Seymour for a late, but delicious, lunch, before a quick & sobering tour on the Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk.

.: Thank you!

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