.: Bayonet Swap & Sell Day - 10th November 2012


Where else could you buy some paints off Rob, under the port wing of a Liberator?

as you can see Karen doing in this shot.

INTERESTINGLY, also in this shot, on the right, is the Liberator Engine that these restorers fire up every now & then.
They have a schedule, so you can contact them to find out exactly when...

You might need ear plugs?




Just ahead again of our table were lots of other sellers & buyers, with everyone seemingly ignoring centre stage!

Now I saw that there were some models on display, but didn't get it that they were part of a competition..... so I didn't take any photos. Sorry Harry!

Around the corner again were more tables, buyers & sellers - unfortunately some of the bigger operations were selling at retail, rather than "swap'n'sell" prices.


And immediately behind me were some permanent artistic & model display, at around 1 0'clock


G. (or should that be "Gee!")

And that was the first of many laps, runnning into other ESSMC mates, and running out of money!

Roger T ...... !;^)}

What a fantastic place to hold a Swap & Sell!


A bit further to ahead, at around 10 o'clock low, was the ESSMC swap & sell table, with more people behind it than in front of it!!!
( definitely more bought, than sold, overall!)


And here's a shot of the starboard wing from 12 0'clock!





Many more vendors under the starboard wing, and down towards the tail.

Then I headed back to where I started, from about 8 o'clock, here looking towards the tail, including the removed dorsal turret ball!


and then we had lunch in Werribee!

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