.: Wodonga Outing - 2013 - Part 2 - Bandiana Army Museum

After a hearty lunch at a local Chinese restaurant, we managed to navigate from Wodonga to Bandiana - not very far, really!

Whilst Frank & Peter had been here before, it was a new experience for me, so I did the right thing & took plenty of photos. Hope you enjoy them - they might just help to complete that finishing detail to something.....

What a fantastic sight!

I've skipped the "Uniform" section.
Please forgive me!
to the left
down the middle
to the right
An Aussie M113-A1

and guess what?..... The back door was open......

Back door open here too.......
inside, on the left
inside, on the right
Inside the M113-A1
Staghound Armoured Car
and inside to the front
and inside to the rear and the passenger's footwell?
The Colourful Cannon?

A "Spit 'n' Polish" LandRover
Now you see why...
This is the Australian Army Museum, right??? Vot Bringz You Here Comrade?
Comrade's Seat!
Stop Sanding that Turret!!! - Leave it ROUGH!
Nice External Fuel tanks! T80 Driver's seat under turret
A Sioux!
These details might be a bit late for Kevin!
That's a MEAN Daddy!!! and here's mum & bubs!
One of Pete's mates owns this truck!
Frank & I found more big stuff outside... An M113 Recovery Vehicle A Leopard Recovery Vehicle
A Centurion Recovery Vehcle
Roger's Recovery Vehicle!

The reason we were here.

She wasn't waltzing, but she was Matilda!
An LVT-??
A Leopard
A Bridge over a Centurion

That's the end of the military exhibit....

Now for the other mob!

Quite a LARGE fellow!!!

And on the Sunday, on the way back, we went to Beechworth..... Nothing else to say but....it was bloody cold!!!!!

.: Thank you!

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