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Updated 15Mar2018


.: FEBRUARY 2018 Models

Green when completed, as usual

Table Pics

Some New stuff..................Some Old Stuff!!

Everyone paid attention during the AGM (To make sure they WEREN'T elected!)

There were many draws in the Raffle, and everyone was happy!

In Progress

Sean Carter's Lotus 49B of Graham Hill

Ervin Torok's Valentine Tank

and Panzer IV G

Completed Models

Karen Murray's LWB Land Rover 109

Dave Garner's Hawker Typhoon Mk 1B

Michael Howe's 1904 Wolseley 6HP


Completed Models

Andrew Liu's McDonald RF-4EJ Phantom II

Andrew Riddle's SPAD S.VII C1

Tim Hales' Northrop Grumman Tigershark F20

and MiG 23M

Kim Fox's (welcome back Kim!) M548A1 Tracked Cargo Carrier

and Panzerjagerwagen

and Canon Porsche 956

Roger Stone's Folland Gnat T1 CFS

and Chance Vought F4U-1D Corsair

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