Completed-24th July-2017



.: JULY 2017 Models

Green when completed, as usual

Table Pics

A little belatedly, some other winners at Expo 2017

Pat McCumiskey, a Commendation with his I.D.F. Nagmachon

Stephen Brown, a Commendation for his Millenium Falcon

Roger's presentation on the new SCM
1937 Mercedes GP Car

In Progress

Jun Zhou's Yokosuka port

Completed Models

Pat McCumiskey's British Army Churchill Crocodile Flame Thrower

and IDF Supersherman

and another IDF M51 Super Sherman

and Sherman M4A3 - POA Flame-Thrower

Gunnar Berg's Thames River Steamer


Completed Models

Andrew Liu's Mil-24b Hind

Bruce Hands' Schwimmwagen 166

Jun Zhou's IJN Yamashiro & Akebono duet

Roger Stone's Dassault Breguet Mirage 2000 "Idolm@ster 2"

(you may think you're seeing double, but it's just a mirage!.............RjT)

and Dassault Breguet Mirage F1-EH

Roland Soderstrom's F-14A Tomcat

Simon Godfree's Ford GPA Jeep Amphibious Vehicle

and Peninsula War British Infantry

and Porsche 962C "Shell"

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