.: December 2015 On the Table

Here's the models for DECEMBER!!! (Remembering that it was the BBQ, so no Light-Tent)

Table Pics

Click on each picture to see bigger image

Min shows us a carrier he built for a customer - so no touching!!

and the spare aircraft

and Michael's Suzuki Katana Accessory (sorry, had trouble with the focus!)


Completed Models

Barry Marks' brought in some gems, not knowing about the no Light-Tent.....they'll be back

A Superb Supermarine Walrus

and a Fairey Swordfish

and Barry was heard to say that these 2 were his first attempts at "rigging" - WOW!

Michael Howe's Thunderbird 1 (as that the second visit, does it get a "2"?)
(it's a good filler, anyway)

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