.: November 2015 On the Table

Here's the models for NOVEMBER!!!

Table Pics

Click on each picture to see bigger image

The gathering...


Models in Progress

Don Forbes' control tower....

Simon Godfree's Porsche 356 Speedster

Tim Hales' Mil Mi-26 Helicopter

Completed Stuff

Tim Hales' LS8-T Glider

Peter Caddy's Rusty Chevy Ute

Don Forbes' Vickers Viscount 700

SOMEONE was BUSY.......

Someone's Kubelwagen...........?????? (if ya don't fill in the sheets........)

and Rocket Launcher (after watching the Kia Sorrento ads??)

and ADF ASLAV 25

and assorted Paper Planes


Completed Models

Potential NewMember Andrew Collins' Battlestar Gallactica

and Cylon Raider from the same story-line

Andrew Liu's F-106 Delta Dart

and Su-27 Flanker from the "Russian Knights" Aerobatic team

Barry Marks' HMS Portchester Castle

Harry Edmond's M1070 and M1000 trailer, sporting one of Harry's earlier masterpieces

Karen Murray's '69 Camaro Z-28

Michael Howe's "MENG KIDS" Lancaster Minibomber

and Thunderbird 1 (incorporating some December photos too)

Roger Stone's Fouga Magister CM1170

and Macchi C200 Saetta

Simon Godfree's Jaguar E-Type Roadsters

and Mitsubishi Pajero '92 Rally

Tony McGoldrick's Terrorist BMW

Pat McCumiskey's IDF Tiran Tank

Harry McCumiskey's Heinkel He-111

MODEL OF THE MEET . . . . (tough call this month!!)
ta-daaa ........ drum-rollllllll (Andrew Picked it!!)

Have to go with... Harry's Truck!!!. . . . . . !;^)}


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