.: April 2015 On the Table

Lots of models for April, and TWO photographers - thanks again to Andrew Liu...

Table Pics

In Progress:

Roger Stone's North American Harvard "Red Checkers"

Completed Models

Karen Murray continued Michael Motor theme with her "4 Cylinder Motor"

Simon Godfree adds to his racing garage:

Alfa Romeo 155 Martini

Opel Calibra DTM

Porsche 935 Martini

Tim Hales looks skyward with his Saturn V with Skylab & Apollo

Tony McGoldrick's inovatively mounted F-14 Tomcat

and busy diorama of an M4A3 Sherman Calliope


Completed Models

Andrew Liu's Sepecat Jaguar GR Mk1

and Sepecat Jaguar ET 1A 2-seater

Don Forbes' Dakota C47 Skytrain

Harry Edmond's Pkz-2 Observation Helicopter

and Skoda 1916 Siege Howitzer

Jamie McDonald's "What If" RAAF Jaguar

and "What If" Sepecat Jaguar


Michael Howe demonstrated his fascination with "Fascinations MetalEarth"

Pat McCumiskey's Armoured Forces continues to grow:

Cromwell Cruiser Tank

IDF Tiran with Dozer blade

a 2015 rendition of the LRDG Chevrolet

M47 Patton Tank

T-34/122 Tank

T-55 Medium Tank

T-90 Main Battle Tank

ta-daaa ........ drum-rollllllll

Pat's Chev!!

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