.: March 2015 On the Table

Lots of models for March, and TWO photographers - thanks to Andrew Liu...

Table Pics

Soldiers & Armour - such Bliss!

Contrary to much discussion at the time, this is NOT the engine out of Michael's little Fiat 500.
Nor is it the engine that is going to go into Michael's latest Fiat....below

It's a model V8, folks!!

Mefistofele is here!! (lovely wheels!)

Like Moths drawn to a flame, so too now is Andrew drawn to the Light Tent!

Welcome to Harry's Mud-pit, but not his fingernaikls - I wonder who???

All capped of with another intriguing rant from our favourite Presenter
Group Captain Antony Martin
OC, 42 Wing, Wedgetail Squadron (hope I got that right?)

Talks with his hands a lot?!?!?!

In Progress:

Phil Kangur's Cromwell Tank

and Jagdpanzer E-25

Bruce Hands has made a start on "another" mustang

And as I started it, I guess, and by popular opinion, I'll have to continue.....

MODEL OF THE MEET . . . . ta-daaa . drum-rollllllll

Pat's Huey!!!


Completed Models

Andrew Lieu's McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle

Bob Williams switches to Figures in March:

Roman Signifer............................. ; and Roman Centurion

Moorish Crossbowman................... ; and Royal North British Dragoon

and finally, Sergeant Masterson of the 87th Regt

Harry Edmond's Napoleon Rail Gun had NO CHANCE of fitting in the light tent

Jamie McDonald's Republic P-47D RAF SEAC

Jun Zhou's USS Maryland on CD

Pat McCumiskey brought in a couple of treats:

A Superb M-48 Patton Diorama

and a wonderful display of a big Huey

Tim Hales wrestled with a Fairey Swordfish

Tony McGoldrick turned green with his Kawasaki Ninja

and a wrecked BMP-1 Tank

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