.: February 2015 On the Table

Lots of models for February, and one very busy photographer, and web-builder...

Table Pics

.........and who's this happy Guy - all that stress has just evaporated!! looks 10 years younger!

In Progress:

Adam Lewis "tanking" again........(sick)

British Challenger 2 with Bar Armour

Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 Model 1944 ChKZ........on Lego...

Peter McKinnon's Flying Saucer Thingey with Lightning Reflexes?!?!?! No? Oh, just have a look!!

More Completed Models

Tim Hales showed that he's had a fruitful holiday break:

Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk.IIC

Bell OH-13S Sioux Helicopter

Dodge WC54 Ambulance

Bruce Hands brought in a couple of holiday projects: (but I'm still waiting on details)

A Bren Gun

and a Jeep - Yes, he bought a Jeep! a Willys Jeep!


Completed Models

Andrew Lieu's 72nd Air Force continues to grow:

Chance Vought F7U-3M Cutlass

North American P-51A Africa

Bob Williams continues to build for the Rob McCallum Collection:

GMC Truck with Bofors 40mm A.A. Gun

French (Renault) FT-17 Light Tank

Fiat 3000 Mod.21 Ia Civil Defence/Polizia (from the 30's)

"Auto Blinda" Armoured Car (AB43) Polizia (from the 50's)

Israeli Heavy A.P.C. "Achzarit" (Early) was a victim of photographer's blight - sorry Bob & Rob!

Char2C French Super Heavy Tank

Magach 6B GAL BATASH Israeli Heavy Tank missed, sorry!! Must sack that photographer!

Jun Zhou "resurfaced" with some miniature maritime models:

DKM Submarine Tender SAAR, with U201 (type VIIC), in a lovely little diorama

and still with a submarine theme, this IJN Light Cruiser "Kitakami" (1945 Kaiten Carrier)
(this is a very long model, in the scheme of things, so hard to get much in focus!!)

Karen Murray's still keen on cars! - See!:

1985 Chev Camaro Z28 (with an experimental colour scheme & media?!)

Suzuki Katana from 1983

Tony McGoldrick brought in a Centrurion Tank Diorama, in Vietnam,
but I don't have any more detail yet

I think there's something wrong with Jamie!!!

And as I started it, I guess, and by popular opinion, I'll have to continue.....

MODEL OF THE MEET . . . . ta-daaa . drum-rollllllll

It's a tough call this month........or will I just be a fence sitter?!?!?!?!?

Ok ok ok..... it's........

Bob Williams' GMC Truck with Bofors 40mm A.A. Gun

Just ahead of Jun Zhou's Submarine & Tender micro diorama

Just ahead of Bruce Hands' Jeep (especially after his unfortunate trailer accident......sob!)

Just ahead of Bob's GINORMOUS French CHAR 2 C Super Heavy Tank


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