.: November 2014 On the Table
(22 models! - HELP!! - STREWTH!!)

Below you will find some of the first class models on display...some in progress...
and plenty of food for thought....

Table Pics

What is that??

It's a home made R/C Hovercraft that Simon Godfree, and his son (One each) built - We even had a demonstration! It crashed alot, and obviously need much more room than we had available!

Some samples of latest kit aquisitions

Some Aussie subjects from Roger T..................Harry bought these from Min

FINISHED MODELS: (Click on each image for more detail)

Tim Hales brought in a Dassault Super Etendard

Andrew Liu brought his Jet Fighter Air Force...

A Douglas F-4D Skyray

A Grumman F-11F Tiger of the US Navy

And another Grumman F-11F Tiger of the "Blue Angels" aerobatic team

Bob Williams brought in his "McCallum Army", consisting of

A German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G (no, I'm not swearing in German!!)

A French Renault UE Chenillette et Remorque

A Russian Light Rocket Launcher

And Bob's personal Harley Davidson WLA.45 US Army motorbike

Tony McGoldrick Presented another Tank based Diorama

This time featuring a Russian ZSU-23, in the Ukraine


APOLOGY: I'm sorry to say, folks, that I lost track of the models that I had photographed, and missed some. I was just overwhelmed!

Apologies to Bob - I missed the ZVEZDA Russian T-90 Main Battle Tank for Rob McCallum (1990's)
Apologies to Min - I missed the ICM Skfz 223
Apologies to Pat - I missed the ESCI M60A3 (X5)

If you can bring them in again....in February 2015....I'll do them for free!!.. .. . . . . .RjT

back of people
front of people at least Andrew smiled!
panel of people


FINISHED MODELS: (Click on each image for more detail)

Jamie McDonald brought hisMesserscmitt Bf 109 G-10

Karen Murray brought in her Robotech VF-1S

Pat McCumiskey brought in his Armoured Army

A Sherman in the Street Diorama

A Polish Up-Gunned Sherman Firefly

An M48-A3 Patton of the Vietnam era

A Challenger 2 with a Dozer Blade

and an M60A3 Patton tank with a prominent "X2" on the turret, and crew

Simon Godfree brought in his "wannabee" garage:

A Nissan Skyline R34 (I wonder if his GTR was lonely during this visit?)

And a Ferrari F50

And a '52 Hudson Hornet Convertible

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