.: April 2014 On the Table (7 models!)

Some New Kits to think about.....

Below you will find some of the first class models on display...some in progress...

Pat McCumikiskey's next project:

Yes, it's another tank, but not a Sherman!!

Peter McKinnon's rebuilding/repairing a Bentley Straight Six - Not the Airfix one!
This thing weighs about 6 kg!! - Made in Europe somewhere!

FINISHED MODELS: (Click on each image for more detail)

Bob Williams' Presentation on his Commonwealth Medals


"BOB's OLD-SCHOOL MODELLING: Shading & Camouflage"

Andrew Liu's Messerschmitt Bf 109F4

and Messerschmitt Bf 109G6

and my pick of the table......

(just building a little tension and drum-roll here ............)

is Min Hin Chong's KV-1

This was taken early in the night before more drifted in...

The little Castle above is Michael's... and Harry's 1/4 built truck...

No idea what scale it is!?!?!

Ken Portraying a "Presidential" pose?!?!

trying o get everyone's attention!
We scored the auditorium tonight! Wow!

So much room!!

FINISHED MODELS: (Click on each image for more detail)

Jamie McDonald's What-If RAAF Mirage F1

Pat McCumiskey's superb Cromwell Cemetery Diorama

Tim Hales' Russian Kamov Ka52 "Alligator"

Min Hin Chong's Russian KV-1 Tank - if a tank can be "gorgeous" - this is it!!

Tim Brimelow's Crusader III Tank

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