.: March 2014 On the Table (13 models!)

Some New Kits to think about.....

Below you will find some of the first class models on display...some in progress...

Andrew Riddle's Helm...............................Don Forbes' Carvair

FINISHED MODELS: (Click on each image for more detail)

Andrew Liu's Messerschmitt Me 262 A

...and Messerschmitt Me 262 B

Bob Williams' German & Japanese Medal Presentation

...and German "E" Boat - Type 1

......and german "E" Boat - Type 2

Harry Edmond's Bristol Bloodhound Diorama

Karen Murray's Suzuki RGB600 GP Bike

Ken Noble's "Rat Fink"

Min Hin Chong's Terminator 2 H-K Aerial

Note that the photographer has solved the lighting issues.

It's called a "Light Tent" - I hope you enjoy the results?!?!?

FINISHED MODELS: (Click on each image for more detail)

Pat McCumiskey's Challenger 2 tank from Operation TELIC

Peter McKinnon's P&O SS Oriana

Tim Hales' Velociraptor Playground

Tony McGoldrick's Yamaha SRX-6Sports Bike

Also on display, but I did not get any photos, was:..

Don Forbes' DC4 Carvair Freighter - Sorry Don, I didn't think it was finished!

Please bring it in again, Don, so I can take some photos......Sorry Don!

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