.: September 2013 On the Table (11 models!)

Below you will find some of the first class models on display...

Click on each image for a closer look

As well as models, we had displays of useful utilities


Bob Williams was working on a King Tiger I of Wittmann fame - No in progress shots, but these finished ones from the Waverley Interclub Challenge. The Model has now gone to it's Purchaser.

Roger Trewenack's Ferrari F310B for the Waverley Interclub Kit-Buiild

The Bottom One...on the rotisserie......errrr......carousel...errr.....turntable thingey....MIRROR!

Tim Brimelow also brought along his F-15 for the Waverley - will have more photos of that in October


FINISHED MODELS: (Click on each image for more detail)

Bob Williams' "Retreat Into Tunisia" Diorama

Tony McGoldrick's MUDDIEST ADVENTURES brought us: a Russian Rocket Launcher

and a USMC LAV

It was Karen Murray's turn to have a Market ("Karen's Mad Sale") and I's say it was fairly successful......he he he!

Adrian will give us a class on palm-tree making very soon

No-one's looking very happy here.........but this was AFTER they had witnessed....

Wodgah's Wampant Wecipwocator!!

FINISHED MODELS: (Click on each image for more detail)

Tim Hales' Concorde

Chris Cooper's C-2 Greyhound+Hawkeye

Andrew Liu's Ever-Increasing-Adventure - a 1/48 Raiden Interceptor

Pat McCumiskey brought along a few Dioramas - 1: M-113 Iraqi Freedom

and a T35/84 with Mine-roller & Fieldcar

and another M-113 as an IDF Command & Communications base

Adrian showed off some of his dad's garage work...

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