.: March 2013 On the Table

Below you will find some of the first class models on display...

Click on each image for a closer look

IN PROGRESS: (Click on each image for more detail)

Harry Edmonds' Tall Ship - "Le Soleil Royal" (The Royal Sun)
(knot finished yet!)

Finished Models:

Karen Murray's Space Shuttle "Atlantis"

Harry McCumiskey's Ju-87 STUKA (with a little help from Dad)

Pat McCumiskey's Japanese snowbound Type 74 M.B.T.

Bob Williams' SPZ "PUMA" customer build

Tim Brimelow joining the fray with a "pair" of Tiger II's - #113

and #212










Tony McGoldrick's US Civil War 54mm Cannon

Finished Models:


Comrade Jamie McDonald's "From Russia with ..... Yak!" YAK 1

and even more Russian from Jamie - a LAGG 3


Comrade Andrew Liu, with more in his favourite scale ..... A Sovet MIG-17 PF (FRESCO D)

as well as another Soviet - MIG 23 SM (FLOGGER A)

Bruce Wain's Big-Balsa-Boomerang

it was even meant to fly!

Roger Stone's trio of 1/72nd models include - a now mounted Kittyhawk P40E

a now mounted Kittyhawk P40N

and a freshly completed Hawker Tempest Mk.VI

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