.: December 2012 On the Table

Below you will find some of the first class models on display from December 2012

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IN PROGRESS: (Click on each image for more detail)

No progressive shots this month!

Roger Stone built a display of some of the models that were presented on our first meeting, 20 Years Ago!

Bob Williams brought in an ordered diorama that has grown to what you see here:

Jamie McDonald brought in a beautifully weathered Douglas Skyraider:

Tony McGoldrick's '48 Ford Woody was very well received:

Andrew Liu supplied his usual 1/72 precision submission(s)....no, you're not seeing double:

Simon Godfree showed up a little late, but brightened the display with Daisy Duke's Roadrunner:

Harry Edmonds brought in a couple of winning entrants from Bayonet

The finished 1/32 Skyraider:

And a beautiful little Tug Boat:

From the East..........................From the West.

Something that I mean't to present earlier this year, which may interest the very few "Armour-oriented" (ahem) modellers at ESSMC, about to embark on some Australian Defence Force models:

Pat McCumiskey "saw" Bob Williams' hand & up'd the ante.....

With a pair of Shermans:

And an Armoured Rail Wagon mini-diorama:

And an L.R.D.G. Chevrolet mini-diorama:

And a Russian T34 mini-diorama:

And another Sherman, this time an M4A3:

And finally won the hand with a, AAVP-7 mini-diorama:

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