.: Budget Belts

Heres a great tip for adding interior detail to a bland cockpit without spending a cent.

What you need: Superglue - Scalpel - Ruler - House Paint Colour Cards & 15 Minutes Colours used for this project : Wattyl Pewter Cup & Dulux Swamp Fox

This is how we all can, easily make "low cost" but very effective seatbelts. I admit you probably wouldn't dare use these on a 1/48th open canopy "Show stopper". But if you're the everyday modeller like myself trying to save some cash, then have a quick read below.

When I was building 3 x 1/32 Beaufighters, I searched the internet including Ebay to find some reasonably priced belts. The cheapest I found were priced at nearly $29.00 per plane. That's around $90.00 for the 3 aircraft. Something I couldn't justify, so here's what I did.

1. Took a trip down to our local hardware store, marched straight to the paint colour card wall, and grabbed a handful of paint sample colour cards, some for me and some for my modelling buddy.

2. With a little imagination and these cards you can create pre-coloured cartons, controls etc etc. So with that in mind I set to work. Using earthy tones for the belt webbing and greys for the buckles. Within around 15 minutes and a few dobs of superglue, I had created a seat belt for next to nothing. And the best part is you don't even have to paint em ! "How good's that"

3.To hide those stark white corners I then brush over a burnt sienna water coloured wash.

4. "Hey Presto" a good looking and effective finish.....











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