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Andrew Riddle's Icelandic Fishing Boat "Hildur"
Olivia Armitage's Lighthouse Diorama
Alan Chung's "Grandfather's Vespa Workshop" - Hong Kong 1950's
Damian Park's "Myth of Lovecraft"
Damian Park's "Side Show" Vignette
Damian Park's outstanding Vignette "Farewell"
Alan Chung's Hong Kong Old Tenement Building.
Damian Park's "Home Soil" Vignette.
Damian Park's "Swedish Mounted Soldier"
Damian Park's "Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angels" & "Kokoda" Vignette's
Damian Park's "Hell Fire Pass" Vigenette.
Damian Park's amazing "First Arrivals"
Damian Park's Model Expo winning "Enemy of My Enemy"
Jan P Schapter's brilliant Branch Line Depot
Phil Pietsch's replica full scale German stick grenade made from an old piece of wood turned on a Lathe, using just an old tomato sauce lid for the fuse screw
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