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Min Hin Chong's Macross VF-31J
Stephen Brown's Millennium Falcon
Min Hin Chong's Starwars AT-ST & Snowspeeder
Min Hin Chong's Y-Wing - Y Not??
Min Hin Chong's X-Wing T-70

Bruce Hands' Viper

Stephen Brown's Star Wars A-Wing
Tony McGoldrick's Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike

Michael Howe's Star Trek USS Enterprise

Andrew Collins' Cylon Raider
Harry McCumiskey's Lego Scorpion

Pat McCumiskey's Stormtrooper

Andrew Collins' Battlestar Galactica
Michael Howe's Thunderbird 2

Michael Howe's Thunderbird 1

Karen Murray's Thunderbird 2
Peter McKinnon's Flying Saucer

Tony McGoldrick's Star Wars AT-ST

Min Hin Chong's Terminator 2 Aerial Hunter-Killer
Tony McGoldrick's Terminator 2 Aerial Hunter-Killer

Karen Murray Robotech VF-1S

Tony McGoldrick's X-Wing & Tie Fighters
Don Forbes' Dr Who DALEK - 3D Printed

Jon Bunce's Warhammer Axemen

Alan Chung's Gundam Bandai
Jun Zhou's RAcaseal Elenor
Harry Edmond's X-Wing Fighter
Alan Chung's Refurbished Warhammer Figures
Karen Murray's Millenium Falcon
Michael Howe's USS Enterprise - more photos soon in 2013.
Jun Zhou's "Five Star Stories" LED Mirage
Pat McCumiskey's Speeder Bike
Alan Chung's Gundam Collection
Daniel Lewis's Leman Russ Vanquisher and Squad
Min Hin Chong's White Comet Empire Missile Cruiser
Alan Chung's Gundam Musai
Tony McGoldrick's X-wing Fighter
Alan Chung's Gundam Warrior Tieren
Daniel Lewis's Warhammer Marines
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