.: Easy Screens with PVA Release

Here's a really simple way to mask up windscreens , canopies and other clear items using PVA Release.

What you need:



Tooth picks

Good Eyesight! (RjT)

PVA Release : is a special formula release agent for the fibreglass industry. This product is designed to prevent lamination of the product to the mould, in preventing the mechanical or chemical bonding of the moulded material to the surface of the mould. PVA Release is a film-forming solution, which places a positive barrier between the mould and the product or component. PVA Release may be used on smooth, hard surfaces or on other surfaces in tandem with wax style mould releases such as J-Wax. PVA Release is best used in conjunction with wax style release agents as an extra or additional barrier; particularly in the moulding of small, intricate or challenging shapes. PVA Release should also be used together with waxes on poor surface moulds and on absorbent surface moulds.

You can purchase it here from Barnes Products

Thanks to Peter McKinnon for this tip.


"You CANNOT use PVA Release over items coated in Future, as it will break the Future down !!!"

1. For this tip I'm liquid masking 3 x Tamiya 1/48th 6X6 Chev Truck windscreens.

2. Using a tooth pick dipped into your PVA Release agent, simply place a few drops on to the desired area.

3. The release agent, with a little help from you, will be drawn easily into the corners as shown below.

4. With the finished result looking like the one below.

5. If you make a mistake, don't panic as PVA Release washes away with soapy water


6. With both sections flooded with the release agent, allow your item to dry for at least 20 minutes or more.

7. After drying of the agent has completed, simply spray masked items as required , and also allow to dry.

8. Using a scalpel or other similar item flick up an edge of the mask.

9. Grab it with a pair of tweezers and remove.

10. You're done! I believe you will not find a better way to safely and simply mask clear items.

Thanks again to Peter McKinnon for this great tip.












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