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.: Phil Kangur's Jagdpanzer E25 - IN PROGRESS





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"East Build Kit
1945 project using Panther + PzJE IV components,,
hydraulic drive was a feature of the project. "

Jagdpanzer E-25

Jagdpanzer E-25

The Jagdpanzer E-25 ( Jaguar ) was a German project for a tank destroyer of the Second World War . He belonged to the E-series, with the German Reich was attempted from about 1942 the old hunting types of tanks and the medium heavy tank of the type III and IV to replace.



The tank destroyer E-25 was developed based on the E-10, as it should in some components draw on these. The tank was a bit bigger, now had the shape of the Hetzer and was at Argus in Karlsruhe developed under the direction of Dr. Hermann claw until 1945. When they hired against war researching, producing components've been nowhere to be found. Parts and form later incorporated into the development of Kanonenjagdpanzer carapace of the Bundeswehr in.


The tank should initially be 100 equipped with a 400 hp payable Maybach V-12 HL. Another suggestion was to use a unit with fuel injection and 600 hp. A third possibility foresaw the Maybach V-12 engine installed HL 230 P30. Ultimately, it was decided in March 1945, the Maybach HL 101 use with 550 hp. In addition, a hydrodynamic transmissions from Voith should be used. It was not clear until the end of the war, with which the main armament of the tank should be equipped. In the drawings, he was presented with a 7.5-cm-tank destroyer gun 42 L / 70. About the AA-MG hunting armor you were in disagreement and planned a dome variant with a 30-mm MK 108 installed.

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