.: Pat McCumiskey's 1/32 BO-105 PAH

In 1961 the Bolkow Bo 105 (later MBB = Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm) was the first major helicopter programme in Germany after World War ll.

Due to its unsurpassed manoeuvrability the Bo 105 was not only in demand for civil applications; it also very quickly aroused the interest of the military. The German Army ordered 227 of Bo 105 VBH (VBH = Verbindungs-Hubschrauber, = scouting, liaison and communications helicopter) and 212 of Bo 105 PAH anti-tank helicopter.

The Bo 105 PAH 1 is equipped with 6 HOT Euromissiles, which are installed in two fuselage-mounted launcher packs, and it also has a roof-mounted optical sight on the right hand side of the fuselage. As a liaison helicopter - VBH - the Bo 105 meets all the requirements for a light, economical transport helicopter. 


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