(All that "Unclassifiable" stuff!)

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  Karen Murray's SLR Camera



Roger Trewenack's "Fascinations" Wright Flyer
Tim Hales' Saturn V & Apollo

Michael Howe's Yellow Submarine/Sgt Peppers Figures

Michael Howe's "Fascinations" Metal Earth
Bruce Hands' Bren Gun

Karen Murray's 4 Cylinder Motor

Michael Howe's ISS Space Suit

Karen Murray's Space Shuttle

Ken Noble's "Rat Fink"

Tony McGoldrick's US 75mm Recoil-less Rifle
Tony McGoldrick's US M1917 Machine Gun
Roger Stone's 21st Birthday (for ESSMC) commemorative display
Bruce Hand's MG42
Bruce Hand's 1919 30 cal Machine Gun
Bruce Pilkington's Airfield Control Tower.
Alan Chung's Matsuyama Castle
Bob William's 1918 Vickers
Bob Williams' Colt Walker with navy barrel
Michael Howe's Da Vinci Glider
Karen Murray's 1/1 Scale Chocolate Cake !
7 year old Rachel Armitage's Chasmosaurus Diorama
Bob Williams' Spandau Parabellum
Bob Williams' Colt "Peacemaker"
John Bunce's URAL Rocket
Roger Stone's Space Shuttle
Bob Williams' Colt 44
Michael Howe's Replica Luger
Tony McGoldrick's 50 Cal Machine Gun
Bob Williams' MP40
Brian Davis's Neuschwanstein Castle
Brian Davis's "New" Reichstag
Brian Davis's St Stephens Cathedral
Brian Davis's Ulm Munster Cathedral

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