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.: Jamie McDonald's What-If?!? RAAF F-14 Tomcat





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"F-14E Tomcat - 75 Squadron, RAAF Base Tindal 1994
In 1992 the RAAF belatedly realised that, without the employment of large numbers of aerial tanker, the FA-18 Hornet did not have enough ‘legs’ for the vast distances involved to protect Australian air space from the emerging Indonesian threat (after the 1987 coupe installed the new government).
Therefore, a request was placed with the US government for the sale of 26 re-furbished/re-sparred F-14 Tomcats. The opportunity was taken to replace the troublesome and underpowered 20,000lb thrust TF30-P-412A with the 25,000lb thrust TF30-P-100 as used in the F111F.
This was the only version of the Tomcat powered by this engine, and thus earned the RAAF aircraft the designation F-14E.
The 26 aircraft were divided equally between 75 Sqd. RAAF Base Tindal, N.T. and 76 Sqd. (recently re-formed) RAAF Base Curtin, Derby, W.A.
This particular aircraft is equipped for the extreme long range air intercept role, caring 2 x 280 gallon drop tanks and 4 AIM-54 Phoenix air-to-air missiles (range @ 190km). At $500,000+ a piece, it was widely speculated that only around 16 AIM-54 missiles were ever actually held in stock!

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