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.: Jamie McDonald's What If?... A6G Grumman Intruder





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"What If........"

Grumman A-6G Intruder, 1 Sqn RAAF, 1982

Cancelation of the General Dynamics F111 by the USAF in 1970 (due to recurring structural failure issues and escalating costs) caused the Australian government to also rethink the purchase of the expensive and yet untried F-111. The order was cancelled in 1972 with the election of the Whitlam Labor government.

In lieu of the 24 cancelled F-111C Pigs, the USN was able to offer a replacement in the form of 28 A-6E Intruders. The 1974 A-6 purchase came with the standard USN-spec Norden AN/APQ-148 multi-mode radar, ECM support equipment and assorted weapons. USN carrier autoland specific equipment was deleted. Twenty-eight (28) A-6G's were purchased forming the nucleus of 1 and 6 SQNs RAAF, Amberley. Both sqns received 12 operational aircraft each and the remaining four A-6A's converted to a similar configuration to the USMC EA-6A's for ECM jamming duties.

The A-6G differed in comparison to the standard A-6E in that it retained the two extra outboard pylons of the EA-6A  (total of 7 pylons) and upgraded the engines to the 10% higher rated  Pratt & Whitney J52-P408A turbojet. The fixed nose refuelling probe was nearly always omitted. From 1984 all were upgraded with the "Target Recognition and Attack Multi-Sensor" (TRAM) system, a small, gyroscopically stabilized turret, mounted under the nose of the aircraft, containing a FLIR bore-sighted with a laser spot-tracker/designator.

This particular pre-TRAM aircraft carries 1 x AN/ALQ-119 ECM jamming pod, 1x AGM-45 Shrike anti-radar missile, 2x drop tanks and 12 x 500lb Mk 82 bombs.


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