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Republic P-47D Thunderbolt II

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt II
Serial No: KL216
Period: WWII
Ref: 1994/1337/A
Museum: London
Location: Historic Hangars
On view: Yes




Manufactured as a P-47D-40-RA by Republic Aviation Corporation, Evansville, Indiana to contract No.AC-24579.Constructors number 39955834.Evansville built all 665 D -40 variants from a total of 12,609 P-47Ds built. (Original identification by P-47 historian Leslie Sargent, Honolulu, 1988)
8 Jun 45 Available for delivery.
11 Jun 45 Accepted by USAAF.
11 Jun 45 Delivered; departed from Republic modification centre, Evansville Municipal Airport, en route to Majors Field, Greenville, Texas.
13 Jun 45 Arrived at Tulsa Municipal Airport, Tulsa, en route to Majors Field.
14 Jun 45 Arrived at Majors Field; assigned to No.266 AAF Base Unit, Second Air Force, Continental Air Forces.
2 Jul 45 Transferred to No.283 AAF Base Unit, Galveston Army Air Field, Galveston, Texas, Second Air Force, Continental Air Forces.
5 Jul 45 Transferred to No.281 AAF Base Unit, Brownsville Municipal Airport, Brownsville, Texas, still as part of Second Air Force, Continental Air Forces.
18 Jul 45 Redesignated TP-47D?
9 Sep 45 Returned to No.283 AAF Base Unit, Galveston Army Air Field.
15 Oct 45 Transferred to No.261 Base Unit, Abilene Army Air Field, Abilene, Texas, Second Air Force, Continental Air Forces.
25 - 29 Oct 45 Transferred to No.4185 AAF Base Unit, Independence Army Air Field, Independence, KS, Air Technical Service Command (For Storage ? )
3 Jul 47? Transferred to No.4136 AAF Base Unit, Tinker Field, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Air Material Command. Redesignated TF - 47D
2 Feb 50 Transferred to Oklahoma City Air Material Command Area, Tinker AFB.
9 May 51 Transferred to Hensley AFB
11 Sep 51 Returned to Tinker AFB; redesignated F-47D
14 Nov 51 Mutual Assistance Pact signed, under which Yugoslavia received substantial arms aid from Britain and the USA, including 150 P-47 Thunderbolts from the US.
1 Feb 52 Transferred to Newark, New Jersey.
27 May 52 Departed Newark en route to Yugoslavia.
Served with Yugoslavian Air Force (Yugoslovensko Ratno Vazduhoplovovsto - J.R.V) coded 13064 (or, as thought for some years, 13024). The Yugoslavs used the Thunderbolts to equip ten front - line squadrons as Fighter - Bombers until replaced by jet fighters and relegated to trainers c.1957 - 59. Some remained in the training role until 1961. One colour scheme for Yugoslav aircraft was overall natural metal with black anti - glare panels and roundels in the usual wing and fuselage positions, with a five digit 13 -series serial on the fin, with the last two digits repeated on the rear fuselage, later changed to two/three digits on the engine cowl.
Serbian researcher Predrag Milandinovic
1973 At least three, and possibly up to seven, static Yugoslav P-47s survived by this date, the present RAFM example being stored with the Yugoslav Aeronautical Museum at Belgrade, and at one time presumed to be the aircraft bearing the serial 13024. Photos - Veteran and Vintage Aircraft (005371 -Hunt) p.151; Aircraft Museums Directory (R014694) p.41. Wore a shabby two -tone camouflage scheme. A Fellow P-47, recorded in some sources as 13056, remains on display in Belgrade.
Correspondence with Yugoslav P-47 Thunderbolt historian Marko Beloglavec in 2006 revealed further information concerning the possible Yugoslav identity of the RAFM airframe, which his researches, together with those of Serbian author Ognjan Petrovic, indicate is Yugoslav 13064/45-49295, not 13024 (which was 44-90438) as previously recorded.
His researches indicate that 13064 was the only Yugoslav P-47 to have a name, ‘Hajduk’ (‘Outlaw’) carried on the engine cowling in Cyrillic script below the serial ‘64’. It took part in the May Day parade held in Belgrade in May 1954, when two echelons of Thunderbolts, totalling 32 aircraft flew over Belgrade. 13064 was flown that day by the Croatian Lt Col Ante Sardelic, and since Lt Col Sardelic originated from the Dalmatian region of Croatia and the local football club in Split was also known as the Outlaws, this may account for the name!
Marko Beloglavec’s researches indicate that 13064 later formed part of the collection of Belgrade’s engineering college, and then went to the Aeronautical Museum, from where it was sold, presumably to Doug Arnold.
85 Recovered (together with fellow P-47 13021) from Belgrade by collector Doug Arnold and stored at Bitteswell, Leics with other aircraft forming his Warbirds of Great Britain Collection.
86 Exchanged with RAF Museum for the former Spitfire LFXIVE gategaurd TE356 from RAF Leeming, Yorks. As acquired by the RAF Museum, the aircraft was described as ‘an amalgam of parts’ but complete except for one small panel and indeed had the Yugoslav serial 13064 painted on the cowling and fin when inspected by the RAF Museum in February 1986.
Jun 86 To RAFM Reserve Collection and Restoration Centre at RAF Cardington, Beds. Photo as delivered - Aeroplane Monthly August 1986 p.394.Generally complete but missing all evidence of identity and a few cockpit instruments. Photo at Cardington in 1988 - Flypast Jan 89 p.5.
1991-92 Wings restored by AJD Engineering
31 Aug 93 Allotted RAF Maintenance serial 9212M.
c. Oct 94 Moved to Duxford for restoration to static display condition by The Fighter Collection on behalf of the Royal Air Force Museum. Photos under restoration - Flypast Feb 95 p.8; Fighter Log April 1995 p.14; Fighter Log August 1995 p.8.
17 May 95 Moved outside at Duxford for installation of propeller unit. Photos - Flypast Jul 95 p.6; Aircraft Illustrated Sep 95 p.87.Airframe otherwise complete and painted. Shortly afterwards the aircraft was dismantled for movement to Cosford.
Restored in the SEAC markings of KL216 /RS - L of No 30 Squadron, which operated Thunderbolts between July 1944 and June 1946, when it re-equipped with Tempests.
6 Jun 95 Delivered to Aerospace Museum RAF Cosford, Salop by Road from Duxford. Photo on road trailer at Duxford - Warbirds Worldwide 33 p.25.
Displayed to the public for the first time at the Cosford Airshow 18th June. Photo- Aviation News July 15 - 28 1995 p.513.
Photo as of October 1995 - Wrecks and Relics 15th Edition
9 Jun 96 Displayed outside for the Cosford summer airshow. Photo - Flypast August 1996 p.62.
Photo as displayed at Cosford - Flypast April 1998 p.48; Wrecks and Relics 17th Edition - rear cover.
20 May 03 By road to RAFM Hendon for display in main aircraft hall. Photos on display – Flypast March 2004 p.15; Aeroplane February 2007 p.27.

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