Completed March 2017
- Won prestigous Bill Hamer Award for Automotive Excellence 2017
- Featured in ModelArt Australia Dec/Jan 2018



.: Harry Edmond's Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MKII


# 05403



Modelling Time:

7 years!!

PE/Resin Detail:

KA Models Super Detail-up Parts


"Will be entered in this year's (2017) Expo. "

more comments from Harry to follow...

The Ford GT40 was a high performance sports car and winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans four times in a row, from 1966 to 1969 (in 1967 with a different body, though). It was built to win long-distance sports car races against Ferrari (who won at Le Mans six times in a row from 1960 to 1965). The GT40 GT-40P 1075 was the first car to win at Le Mans twice (in 1968 and 1969). That car used the Gurney Weslake engine with the special alloy heads made by Weslake.

The car was named the GT (for Grand Tourismo) with the 40 representing its overall height of 40 inches (1.02 m, measured at the windshield) as required by the rules. Large displacement Ford V8 engines (4.7 L and 7 L) were used, compared with the Ferrari V12 which displaced 3.0 L or 4.0 L.

Early cars were simply named "Ford GT". The name "GT40" was the name of Ford's project to prepare the cars for the international endurance racing circuit, and the quest to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The first 12 "prototype" vehicles carried serial numbers GT-101 through GT-112. The "production" began and the subsequent cars, the MkI, MkIIs, MkIIIs, and MkIVs, numbered GT40-P-1000 through GT40-P-1145, were officially "GT40s". The name of Ford's project, and the serial numbers dispel the story that "GT40" was "only a nickname."

The contemporary Ford GT is a modern homage to the GT40.

For more information on the GT40, go to Wikipedia

In Progress Shots below:


the proud "dad"!

In Progress shots below:

Wheels later changed to match Car #2



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