Debut: August 2016



.: Glenn Marsh's PMZ-2 Fire Fighting System mounted on Z15-6 vehicle


PST (Belarus)
# 72047



Modelling Time:

24 hrs plus!

PE/Resin Detail:



"Parts incredibly small and fragile making for quite a complicated build.
Piano wire drive-line from engine to rear bogie.
Thin plastic axles replaced with piano wire.
Build was stressful but final result is gratifying!! "

PMZ – plume management zone

POE – point of exposure * includes PMZs that have been approved by the TCEQ, PMZ-eligible sites where a PMZ will be proposed to the TCEQ in a RAP, as well as a PMZ via a §350.33(f)(3)Technical Impracticability demonstration.

PST Russian PMZ-2 (Zis-6) Fire Tanker
PST Russian PMZ-2 (Zis-42) Fire Engine
PST Russian PMZ-2 (US6) Fire Engine

by Dave Manter


The production of the PMZ-2 fire trucks was initiated in the Soviet Union before the Second World War. The fire fighting units of the Red Army Air Forces, large military garrisons and storage facilities as well as city fire departments were equipped with them. Attached equipment of the PMZ-2 could be installed on different types of trucks. At first it was installed on the Zis-5 chassis. Later small batches of PMZ-2 were built on the Zis-6. During the war years Zis-6 trucks were discontinued and the production of Zis-5 was reduced. At the end of 1944 fire fighting equipment of PMZ-2 was installed on the chassis of the Zis-42 half-track and the US-6 Studebaker truck. PMZ-2 fire trucks served in the Soviet fire fighting units for almost 20 years and were phased out during the 1950’s.

The Kits

These kits are each composed of approximately 104 parts molded in several shades of green and black plastic. The detail is very nice and flash is at a minimum. The fire fighting equipment is the same in all 3 kits with the difference being in the chassis.

These look to be fairly quick builds and offer somewhat unique vehicles for your collection. These would make great additions for 1/72nd scale Soviet aircraft dioramas also.

If you are looking for something quick to build or an additional kit for your 1/72nd scale collection, then these may be the ticket. They will also offer you a chance to use some brighter paint colors, as all of the vehicles are painted red. The Zis-42 half-track version features link and length tracks. The box art is superb and all are marked "Limited Edition" so these may be hard to find at a later date.

My thanks to Squadron Mail Order for the review samples.

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Box art:


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